REFUND Terms & Agreement

Please read the following carefully...

These rules and regulations have been designed to avert fraudulent activity. Mail fraud is punishable by law, and if ULTRAVIXEN Cosmetics finds the suspected party to be acting in a suspicious manner, we reserve the right to contact the authorities. After several incidences in which customers were found guilty of scamming our company, via Mail-Fraud, we have made the sovereign decision to enforce these regulations in order to protect the integrity of ULTRAVIXEN Cosmetics. These rules assure that no persons, under Federal Law, will take advantage of our Customer Service Team. 

This section of our website details how to handle any sort of customer service claim involving a purchase, a lost/stolen package, a refund, and any other general concerns. 

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide the correct shipping address upon checkout. It is also the responsibility of the customer to provide a current, and regularly checked email, when checking out. 

Shoppers have a guaranteed full refund if the purchase is cancelled within 24 hours of placing their order. Any attempt to cancel the order after 24 hours will result in a partial refund. The customer cannot cancel the order after their items have been shipped.

We only allow refunds under certain circumstances. All sales are final, unless dealing with issues involving the product being defective and/or issues involving package-delivery complications. The paragraphs below detail our policies further.

All domestic packages require a signature upon delivery. If a customer fails to sign for their package, after several attempts by the carrier, the package will more than likely be returned to us. In certain cases, the post will hold on to the package at their local facility. If the post holds on to the package, it is the responsibility of the customer to pick-up their package. If the package is returned to us due to a lack of signature, we will contact the customer via email. If we do not get a response from the customer within 24 hours, we automatically begin to process a refund.

If the customer has provided an incorrect address, and the items are sent back to us, we will contact the customer through the email they have provided us. We give the customer 24 hours to provide us with a new address. If 24 hours passes, and a proper address is not provided, we cancel the customer's order, and refund the customer their money. Responses after that 24-hour timeframe will be disregarded. 

On the other hand, if the customer has provided us with an incorrect address, and the item (and/or replacements) have been delivered, to an incorrect location, we do not accept responsibility, and a refund will not be provided. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide a proper address at the time of purchase. After the package leaves our hands it becomes the responsibility of the United States Postal Service. If you find that the shipping provider has delivered your package to the wrong address due to an error on your part, it is your responsibility to locate the package, and forward it to your correct address. We hold no liability throughout this process.  

If it turns out that your package has been stolen, ULTRAVIXEN Cosmetics does not accept responsibility for stolen items, and a refund will not be provided. This falls under the "As is" clause in our general Terms & Conditions. Products within the package were provided as is, and it is not our responsibility that somebody else stole your items. We did not steal your items, somebody else did. Also if you feel that your items have indeed been stolen, it is your responsibility as a citizen to report it to your local authorities. We do offer replacements, but only one time. So if a package is stolen, we will only send replacements to you ONCE. After that it, if your replacement items go missing or are stolen again, IT IS NOT our responsibility to provide the consumer with another replacement or a refund, unless you file a claim of theft with your local authorities, and provide proof. 

In order to qualify for a replacement/refund of said-stolen item, one must file a theft report with your designated postal authority. Once the theft claim has been filed, please send us proof of your claim. We will then contently grant you with a replacement and/or full refund. 

If the item purchased by the customer is found to be defective, ULTRAVIXEN Cosmetics will open a case. Upon investigation, if it has been proven that the item is indeed defective, a replacement will be sent OR a refund will be processed.

Replacements are provided when the post fails to deliver the item to the consumer in the first place. If the package is delivered according to the terms of the shipping provider, but the consumer cannot locate their package, we are not required to provide a replacement, or a refund. If a lost item arrives, or was delivered (and confirmed by the shipping carrier) then we are not required to offer a replacement, or refund. Replacements outside of the above mentioned situations may also be provided if ULTRAVIXEN Cosmetics deems a particular situation worthy of replacement; usually due to an uncontrollable third party cause. Replacements are made at the discretion of ULTRAVIXEN customer service providers.

We only provide one set of replacements per consumer incident. If you do not receive the replacements, and ask for a refund, you are subject to an investigation to determine if the missing package was caused by any of the conditions mentioned in the paragraphs above. 

When speaking with our customer service personel, any time a threat is made to our company, we automatically reserve the right to deny you a refund and/or a replacement item, along with any other type of service. For example, if the customer over email manipulates the conversation by calling our brand particular names, or threatening us with libel, you are subject to punishment by law. 

Below is an example of a threat made over an email exchange:

"I will never be purchasing again, and I will share with my friends who buy indie products and vegan products exactly why."

The person in the example above was dismayed that they did not qualify for a refund, even though we already sent them a replacement of a lost/stolen purchase. They threatened us by suggesting they have plans to circulate rumors that will discourage shoppers from purchasing anything from ULTRAVIXEN. As you can see this is indeed a threat, and slander/libel is legally punishable. People who make threats like the example given, are no longer allowed to shop with us. In particular cases, if a threat is made, we will take legal action against the customer for attempting to undermine our Customer Service Representative, and intentionally damage our company reputation.

If you threaten a customer service representative, they reserve the right to not engage with you any further. They reserve the right to shut your case down. Any aggression, name calling, and general display of poor manners will result in ULTRAVIXEN Cosmetics refusing to provide you with service. We reserve this right.

We have an absolutely clean track record of customer service, and these rules help us keep our business running that way. 

It is very common for small businesses to get bullied around by "beauty gurus" demanding free products, and fraudsters attempting to con their way to free items, claiming they will get us "exposure." They use hollow threats, and attempt to harass us via social media. These Refund Terms & Agreements were created in order to peel untrustworthy characters away, and to help ULTRAVIXEN focus on our honest, kind, and deserving customers. These Refund Terms & Agreement clauses help customers understand their refund process. We like kindness, so we keep it gentle. Play nice, or don't play at all.

By agreeing to purchase any items from ULTRAVIXEN Cosmetics, you are automatically agreeing to these terms of finance. Any requests for a refund fall under this jurisdiction, and will be thoroughly investigated before being issued. We do not guarantee a timeframe in which these issues be resolved; we accept no liability if it takes a certain amount of time to conclude whether or not a refund is appropriate. Also by placing a purchase with us, you agree to these terms without any later litigation or hearings. Terms are final & binding.