ULTRAVIXEN Lashes in "Glamour Puss"

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The ULTRAVIXEN Lash collection is a collection inspired by total glamour. In our eyes, (pun intended), there is no such thing as "too much" to a look. Our false eyelashes are made of high quality synthetic hollow fibers, with proper care they can last up to 15 uses. If you wish to re-create the looks of your favorite icons, ULTRAVIXEN lashes are the way to go! Dramatic, timeless, and absolutely beautiful, this vegan lash line is an absolute necessity in your makeup arsenal. Flutter on vixens, flutter on.

Our false eyelashes in GLAMOUR PUSS are inspired by the "spider lashes" Old Hollywood actresses would have during the 1930s & 1940s.

Old Hollywood era actresses used cake mascara, and after multiple applications, the look occasionally could get clumpy. Many Old Hollywood actresses would separate their lashes individually with a fine needle, or a spoolie. The effect was marvelous, long stringy lashes, creating a spidery effect! Jean Harlow was notorious for this look, she typically paired her skinny lashes, with a soft dove grey smokey eye. Lucille Ball was another famous broad who wore the spider-lash look, her big eyes were always framed by neatly separated lashes. Minimal to no liner, the long-legged lashes always spoke for themselves.
Our GLAMOUR PUSS lashes evoke an era of timeless beauty, and when creating these we decided to keep the lash density thin, yet keep each individual fiber thick. This balance helped us achieve the perfect "spider" look. The dense synthetic fibers cross one another, and fan out to create a very natural oomph. The band is not as thick as the band on the LA LIZ lashes, but is obvious enough to create an allusion of a perfectly lined eye.
These lashes are seriously seductive, and are a must-have addition to your beauty boudoir!

- This item is vegan, and is made out of synthetic mink.
- The wearability of the lash depends on how well they are maintained in between each use, we cannot guarantee they will last, but our tests suggest they can be used up to 15 (if not more) times.
- Once your lashes arrive, please make sure to read the application instructions that we have given. These instructions will allow you to make the most out of your ULTRAVIXEN lashes.
- Box contains ONE PAIR of lashes, made in India.
- The image we use online is unedited, and completely raw, we want customers to know that their eyelashes will look exactly as promised!