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Our MARBLE GLOSS collection is a unique long-wear liquid lipstick that plumps your lips while packing a powerful punch of pigments!
This product feels like smooth satin on your skin. Each lipstick contains Vitamin E & pure Cinnamon extract to condition and volumize your pout. Specially formulated to be completely vegan, this slick-look lipstick will leave them breathless.

The MARBLE GLOSS lippie in "Eartha" is a balanced deep red-based brown. It is extremely earthy & flattering on all skin tones. This seductive shade will leave you feeling ferocious. Meoooow!

This color was inspired by the incredibly talented entertainer, EARTHA KITT.
Her career spanned several decades and included talents such as singing, acting, stand-up comedy, and a dedication to social/political activism. Her role as Helen of Troy in Orson Welles's Broadway adaptation of "Dr. Faustus" stunned audiences across America. She wasn't just a pretty face, she was a quick-witted and motivated individual; a force to be reckoned with....if you even dared. Most famously known for her role as Batman's Catwoman, we wanted to embody the powerfully dramatic energy of Ms. Kitt! This color is sexy, but not demure.
You'll spin heads and mesmerize the same way Eartha did!

* This lipstick DOES NOT have a matte finish, it has an opaque satin finish.
* This lipstick is VEGAN & HANDMADE.
* This product contains CINNAMON and other lip plumping agents. The cinnamon will cause an initial stinging sensation when the product is applied. This is normal please be wary of this product if you have any allergies to its ingredients, especially if you have any sensitivity to cinnamon.
* We strongly suggest not to use this product after exfoliating, since exfoliation tends to leave the skin on your lips tender. The tenderness may cause your lips to feel more sensitive to the stinging sensation of our plumper.
* After removing this product, due to it's lip plumping ingredients, your lips may appear to look bee-stung, once again the volume & slight redness is normal.