Lolita Lip Jelly

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Slip into something silky & sweet!

The LOLITA Lip Jelly Collection is a series of floral-inspired highly pigmented lip glosses. Glide this creamy gloss over your lips to get the perfect morning dew-kissed pout.
Powered by Aloe, and Argan oil, your lips will feel as soft as they look! Each color has a yummy Cinnamon bubblegum scent, all the spice, without the sting. Cruelty free, of course, and absolutely cute.

Drizzle this over your lips while you sleep under the sprinkler, with the sun shining on the flowers in your hair.

Named after Malibu's iconic Matador Beach, this gloss is a semi-sheer taupe with warm shimmers. This lip color was a part of our discontinued MALIBU BUNNY Lip Kit. You guys asked for it, so we brought this color back, but this time, completely reformulated!

A sweet pinky rose. This velvety color has no shimmer, and looks just like a blooming rose covered in sugary rain drops! Perfect for the romantic types, this Rococo era hue is perfect for tea time, & will leave all of those in your wake blushing.

A true cherry glaze, with a blue based undertone. Inspired by Dorothy's sparkly shoes from the Wizard of Oz! This creamy color has no shimmer, and can give your lips an especially voluptuous look when layered over your favorite red lipstick. There's no place like home!

**The Lip Jelly Collection is not vegan**