GILDED Luminizer💐✨

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Twinkle, twinkle, little star...
The GILDED Luminizer will give your skin pure star-power!
Our baked formula feels like silk, and leaves behind a beautiful polished glow!

Our unique packaging was inspired by an 18th century dress style called the "Chemise de la Reine." Popularized by Marie Antoinette, it was a comfortable garden dress worn during the beautiful spring and summer seasons. This product is ideal for achieving that radiant natural garden glow.
Each GILDED Luminizer features a little blue silk bow atop an all white compact. The unit is neatly packed inside an eco-friendly petit cotton bag decorated with French blue roses. Keep the little bag & take it with you an all sorts of fresh adventures, or use it to hide your treasures and fantasies!

You have three colors to choose from...

Silk Pearl
This color is a bright pearl sheen, ideal for fair to light skin tones.

Champagne Swan
This color is a delicate deep champagne, ideal for an array of medium tones.

Versailles Apricot
This color is a jeweled peach, perfect for deep skin tones.