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Are you a cruelty free company?

Yes, please go to the About section of our website in-order to learn more about our philosophy.

Is everything Vegan?

NO. Not all of our items are vegan, but we do offer vegan options! Some of our products are vegan, and we label which ones are. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO WHICH ITEMS ARE LABELLED VEGAN. We want our customers to feel secure, so if you have any further questions about ingredients and/or our animal testing policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why is there a limit on how many products I can buy?
We are an extremely small company trying to make rather large product demands. We do not believe in mass-produced makeup, we feel that quality of product can get lost. There are far too many cosmetic companies out there pushing products that are sub-par in order to make a pretty penny.
With that being said, since we only produce our products in small batches, we want everybody to be able to have a chance at owning our sought-after items! So by limiting purchases we are able to make sure every client gets a chance at owning a piece of the action.

Where are the products made?
A majority of our products are custom-made in our Malibu-based lab! Sometimes the demand for a particular product grows so large, that we have to produce the item outside of our lab. When this happens we usually take our formulations to larger manufacturers; Our cruelty-free manufacturers are based in Canada, and Germany. Our decision to split our products between handmade and lab-made was fueled by the need to de-clutter the production process. We are not a large company, so it is extremely easy for orders to get backed up and cause stress & anguish amongst our clients. You want our makeup, and we want you to have it too! By splitting up the workload we can ensure a smooth flowing output of orders. We also label which products are handmade, and which ones are not. 

After I put my order in, how long does it take to process & ship?
After you place your order, it takes between 5-7 business days to process your order. Once processed we ship the item out to you!

How long until the product restocks?
Re-stocking varies by product, the demand for the product, and if there are any issues in getting supplies. If the product is manufactured by our larger cosmetic lab the turn around time is a bit quicker, since they are equipped with larger machines & packaging facilities. Expect those items to take between 2-3 weeks to restock.
Handmade items are produced in our smaller Malibu lab; we do not have large machines mixing, or packaging the products...all is done by one person; it is more time consuming, as you can imagine. These items take between 3-4 weeks to restock. 

What about refunds?
All sales are final! Refunds are only accepted under certain circumstances. If a product is proven to be defective, we ask that you email us and we will handle it from there. Depending on the severity of the situation, when a customer contacts us with regards to a product not meeting a standard, we open a case & in extreme cases we ask the customer to send the item back to us for further investigation. We do this in order to find out whether a batch was defective, or if that one item was simply a fluke! Quality control is our company's primary goal, we want you to make the most out of the cosmetics you are paying for, we want to ensure the product is up to par. We have a whole section dedicated to Refund Terms & Agreement, so please read that portion of our website thoroughly!

What about shipping?
We are a company based in the United States, we do offer international shipping at a different price than our domestic shipping. Please keep in mind that once we have sent the package out, it is no-longer our responsibility, the package is placed in the responsibility of the shipping company's hands. We also ARE NOT responsible for customs fees, and other international taxes. That is the responsibility of the buyer.

How can I keep myself updated on restocks, special releases, and other important news related to ULTRAVIXEN Cosmetics?
We have a newsletter you can sign up for! Or stay in-touch with our Instagram page @ULTRAVIXENCosmetics .....you will be able to find out about new products, re-stocks, policy changes, and other exciting news through our Instagram account. If you use the hashtag #UltraVixenCosmetics we might feature you on our page!

Is there a Pro-Discount, or other coupon codes?
Currently we do not offer a pro-discount at this time, if you want to keep tabs on coupon-codes & other special offers, follow our Instagram page @ULTRAVIXENCosmetics !!!!

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